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Most memorable vacation: the simple camping trips our family takes are my favorite

favorite things to do: read, be outside, grow plants & create.

Future Plans: to work hard & give abundantly. I would love to live on more land & raise an influential family.


Sarah Light

Administrative Assistant

Sarah loves to learn and her position at Munn allows her to work right in her detail, task-oriented strengths. She is usually always calm (read: introvert) and spends her days serving the Munn team, trying to figure out how to run a small business from home, be a mom of 3 little kids and the wife to her husband Chris, who is the Area Director for West Toledo Young Life. 

Sarah graduated from The Ohio State University with her Masters in Social Work. She was a member of the OSU Marching Band and a volunteer leader for Young Life where she met her husband Chris. 

Sarah and Chris moved to Toledo in 2013 and although they have no family in the area, they are blessed with many great friendships that serve each other like family. Their three children are Harper (2012), Cece (2015) & Alden (2017).