Matt 6:33 says to Seek first the Kingdom of God.  

What does that mean for your money?

First and foremost, this passage in Matthew 6:25-34 is about trust.  

Do I trust that God is going to provide my basic needs? And if so, why would I ever worry?

But that raises another important question.  Am I content with God meeting my basic needs, or would it be better for me to control that part of my life?

If I trust God and am content with his provision, to "seek first the Kingdom of God" with my money means simply following the financial instruction contained throughout Scripture.

But if I find I am worrying about my finances there’s a good chance I either am not content with trusting God to meet my needs, or I’m not following his instructions.

So what does the Bible say about money?  Many Christians may think the Bible’s only financial instruction addresses giving, when in fact, it has much to say regarding the different types of financial decisions we may make.


Luke 12:13-21; Proverbs 6:6-11

Notice the rich man in Luke 12 is not condemned for saving. His error was in both his motivation for saving and manner of saving.  His motivation was to achieve a life of ease, and he pursued this without giving from his abundant blessing.


Matthew 25:14-28; Ecclesiastes 11:2-6

Two common themes we see throughout Scripture are that we are not to be fearful or anxious, and we are to use the time, talents and resources we have been given.


I Timothy 6:17-18

This passage has a number of key takeaways, but we clearly see that God gives to us for our enjoyment.  That means that we can spend and enjoy the fruits of our labor, as long as we are putting our hope in God, and we are heeding the instructions in verse 18.